Anabolic Cooking The Cookbook Scam? Honest Review!

Do not buy the Anabolic Cooking The Cookbook until you have read this review!!!

What is Anabolic Cooking The Cookbook?



Anabolic cooking will turn even the novice into a great cook. It has over 200 tasty recipes and easy to follow instructions to prepare the meal. It is a must for body builders who want to build muscle and lose body fat. It is the result of over 10 years of trial and error and 4 years of intensive research. All these recipes are simple to do, full of flavors, and will promote muscle building and fat loss.



About the Author – Dave Ruel

Dave Ruel is a former body builder and he wrote this book from his own experience on anabolic cooking. When he got started as a bodybuilder he was told to eat plain food (that does not taste at all)to get big and ripped.

anabolic cookinganabolic cookinganabolic cooking


Then he learned how to cook delicious meals that also promotes muscle building and fat loss. Over past several years he has brought awareness about anabolic cooking and has helped several people with fantastic results. He has won heavyweight championships and is the leading voice for anabolic cooking. He has written several books on cooking including the best seller Metabolic Cooking Cookbook which he co-authored with Karine Losier.


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Dave Ruel’s Anabolic Cooking The Cookbook is one of the most complete programs that teaches how to lose fat and gain muscle. It is jam packed with tips, tricks, secrets and best recipes in Anabolic cooking.

anabolic cooking

Even if you are on a best training program and take the best supplements, the muscles won’t grow by themselves and fat won’t go off magically. Without nutritious food in the right quantities, even the best training program is worthless.


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What is inside the package?

  • More than 200 Anabolicious recipes
  • Done for You Meal Plans
  • Anabolic Cooking and Nutrition fundamentals
  • A virtual cooking class
  • Post workout nutrition secrets and tactics
  • Money Saving tips
  • How to build your Anabolic Cooking Kitchen on a budget
  • How to manage your cheat meals

Not only you will receive the Cookbook, but also the following:

  • The Complete Nutrition and Cooking Quick start Guide
  • Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans for muscle building
  • Anabolic Cooking Meal Plans for fat loss
  • Optimum Maximizer Advanced Calorie Calculator

But that’s not all. You will receive these bonuses also.

  • Post workout Shakes
  • The ugly truth about supplements
  • Anabolic Cooking Training and Food Log
  • Unlimited updates for Life

anabolic cooking

If you order now, you will even get $30 OFF the discounted cover price.


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Pros and Cons


Over 200 delicious recipes

Easy step by step instructions on how to prepare the meal

Quick start guide

Done for you meal plans

3 bonus materials & unlimited updates for life

Best of all 60 days Money back Guarantee &

anabolic cooking


  • This product is available only online and not in any stores
  • Serving sizes not mentioned for a few recipes

The Bottom Line

Anabolic Cooking The Cookbook is not a scam. It helps bodybuilders gain muscles and lose fat. The recipes are tasty and the easy to follow instructions makes cooking so easy even for a novice. To get the best results one should augment the training program with the recipes found in this cookbook.

anabolic cooking


Click here to grab your own copy of the Anabolic Cooking The Cookbook right now

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