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How about traditional food recipes?

There are so many recipes available online nowadays. You just type in “cookbook recipes” in Google and you will come up with thousands of recipes. It will be very difficult for someone to go through all these recipes and figure out if it good or not. Also, not all these recipes are good for the average bodybuilders. Nutrition is very important for bodybuilding and fat loss. Eating the right amount of calories and having the right nutrient breakdown is very important to achieve muscle and reduce body fat.

Traditional food like boiled chicken or turkey and vegetables


anabolic cooking


will be good initially, but after sometime one will become bored with them. They will start craving for tasty food they used to eat. Also, there is no information on calories or nutrients in these traditional foods. So, a person eating these does not know how much to eat every time and how frequently he /she has to eat.

Why Anabolic Cooking is better than other recipes?

Anabolic cooking the Cookbook has a lot of recipes that taste better and at the same time helps reduce body fat and grow muscles. Lot of people think, I am not a good cook. How can I make a tasty food that is rich in proteins and nutrients? There are a few bodybuilding recipes available online. They all give recipes and directions to make the food, but they don’t give any details about calories or nutrients which are really important for body builders.

Anabolic Cooking the Cookbook is packed with tips, tricks, secrets and best recipes for anabolic cooking. Inside the book you will find more than 200 recipes. The important thing about these recipes are they are very easy to make, full of flavors so that you will not get bored with the food and they promote muscle building and fat loss.

Anabolic Cooking the Cookbook is not just a cookbook. It is a complete system to promote muscle building and fat loss. It has more information than just recipes.

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